Invest in local E-commerce with COINCAS ($CAS) cryptocurrency

5 min readMay 11, 2021


Join now the revolution of future’s local commerce


Buy as always, enjoy like never before” is Coincas’ claim. Since 2017, Coincas has been developing a decentralized solution which aims to reward customers with points (tokens), gratifying their purchases in local commerce and e-commerce. A system on the Binance Blockchain leveraging smart contract technology.


  • Increase sales in local commerces
  • Easy merchant & customer APP to manage $CAS tokens
  • Get more loyal customers with the rewards system

Designed for Customer

  • Buy and identify yourself
    Merchant will send a CAS reward to your identity, as a sign of appreciation for your buy. An identity can be an email, phone number, Instagram or Twitter account, …
  • Pile up your rewards
    Buy always at shops which belong to the CoinCAS system and save rewards in your identity.
  • Claim your rewards
    Sign up (and prove your identity) or login to enjoy your accumulated your stock of rewards.

For Local Commerces & Small Business

There’s a lot of competition out there, why would a customer choose your commerce? Customers are increasingly looking for intangible assets that link them to their trusted commerces. Price, product or service are not enough anymore. Offering an innovative technological solution based on blockchain will make your customers loyal.

Our APP and $CAS currency is a true innovation for businesses.

As a merchant, you can buy and sell CAS in several exchanges. Manage your wallet directly:

  • Easily send CAS to your customer
  • Change CAS for a discount or free products
  • Find new customers interested in CAs

Project Roadmap

Before 2021: Idea
- Detect the need to boost sales
- Simple website & mobile APP (customers receive points with bough)
- Physical paper card implementation (for 10 stamps, customer had a gift)

Now 2021: Token & APP
- Profesional website & tokens
- Token CAS & Smart Contract
- Create big Community around CoinCAS
- Launch beta APP
- First beta users & commerces

2022: World Coverage
- Agreements with different partners
- Expansion for many businesses
- Large marketing campaign
- Global reach and outstanding commitment to small business

About CoinCAS and our history

In 2017 was born to create a coin focused in local commerce and e-commerce. In 2021 we launch our token: CoinCAS.

CoinCAS in on #BSC, a currency to grow the digital development of local commerce.

Founders of CoinCAS have 2 local businesses in a small town at Seville (Spain), which is called Casariche (hence the name CAS for the coin). They are also on the board of the provincial merchants association, made up of a lot of local commerces.

The main interest is to sell more in local businesses, and now with Covid everything is very slow, so a reinvent is necesary.

Years ago this website and a mobile APP were created, and when a customer bought in the shops of the town, he received points and with those points he could exchange them for gifts in the shops. The APP was not good enough and only a paper solution ended up being implemented: a paper card where shops put stamps and after 10 stamps customer had a gift.

Now with the pandemic, the physical card is not a good idea, and since customers already use their mobile phone and QR code reader applications to read the restaurant menu, we have decided to resume the project. In addition, the idea may be used anywhere in the world, so a decentralized CAS token have been created.

There are local businesses where implant it? Yes, most of the shops in town are going to use it. Can it be extended to other cities? Surely yes. Begin in a controlled environment is important and when everything work fine, it will be our use case.

A lot of big new currencies with many resources, the best talent and expensive marketing are being created, but when we go down to the neighborhood the resources change. Nobody is thinking about very small businesses.

APP interface

Try it in (better in mobile)

Look & feel


CoinCAS logo

Coincas’ main TEAM

Manuel Parrado
Co-founder, marketing
Resume: 20 years self-employed in Zoocas and 11 years CEO in Mercafauna

Jose M. Avila
Co-founder, CEO, developer
Resume: 16 years as IT manager in a big company and 11 self-employed

INVESTORS INFO: Invest today in tomorrow’s local e-commerce


Official token address

Buy on Pancakeswap, Charts Dex.Guru & Poocoin

More info in LiveCoinWatch

Fair Launch: CoinCAS has been stealth launched. NO Presale.

Total Supply: 100M $CAS
Inicial Burn: 25M $CAS
Locked Token to Rewards: 15M $CAS
Dev-Wallet: 7.5M $CAS
Initial liquidity: 50M $CAS (and LP tokens burn)

✅ If you like it and you want be a horder, today is a good day to enter. We are in our first steps ~$1M marketcap.

Web: (100% focused on our CoinCAS project, not in buy/sell $CAS. Languajes: English, Spanish, Netherlands and soon in German)

YouTube Vídeo: How to buy CoinCas/$CAS on PancakeSwap

Our first 21-days chart

To all our new members: This is a solid and legit project with use and function on economy and commerce! We need investors that are willing to HODL for the next months or years to grow! Only buy if u are willing to invest for longterm and be patient! Buy what you can afford and what you don’t need for the next weeks or months! This can be big but we need you now! Don’t sell! If you need to take some profit out do it really in small amounts and slowly! DON’T INVEST MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE!




Join now the revolution of future’s local commerce